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Gymnastics Classes for Kids

Current Session:
Fall  |  Aug 31st - Nov 23rd
Currently Enrolling

Next Session:
Winter  |  Nov 30th - Mar 5th
Currently Enrolling

Pricing & Enrollment

Pricing is subject to change.
Tuition for Full Session
(1 class/week - 12 weeks)
30 Minute Class $102
50 Minute Class $168
60 Minute Class $180
120 Minute Class $276

Annual Registration Fee

Each family pays a $30 registration fee at the time of enrollment. Registration is good for one full year from the day you register.


Tuition is paid in 12-week periods which we call a "session". There are 4 sessions per year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). We are currently in our Fall session and it runs from Aug 31st - Nov 23rd. The prices listed to the side reflect a full 12-week session. Prices will be prorated for those joining mid-session. YOU MAY ENROLL AT ANY TIME!


  • 25% OFF for each extra class per student
  • 10% OFF each extra student per family

Class Information